Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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I got started with photography back in 2009, taking photos of my kiddos is what got me started. I guess some would call me a "mom with a camera." The next year I started taking photos for friends and then friends of friends. The next thing I knew I was photographing family, baby and maternity sessions each month. I LOVED it and couldn't believe I had gone so far with photography in such a short time. I was learning so much and meeting awesome people along the way. It was a great experience for me.

In 2011 I was pregnant with my third baby, but I continued to do photo sessions. After my baby girl was born my plan was to keep going with my photography business, but as 2012 went by I quickly realized that things might need to slow down a little. 2012 would have to be my last year... I needed more time with my little family.

So here I am... it's 2013. My plan for the year? To continue with photography, but strictly as a hobby. I will miss my clients, and taking photos for them. I am not "quitting" as some might think, as a photographer I don't necessarily have to run a business :) I will be taking photos just as much or maybe even more than I have in the past 4 years. I have ideas for the upcoming year and so many things I want to learn and practice.

So that's my journey. How I got to the point I am at now. A little bit more about me? I am a married girl with three kiddos. I am in my late twenties enjoying every minute of it that I can. I love lifestyle photography, shooting in natural light, hanging out at home with my family, reading a good book, watching a great TV series with my husband, playing a good game of volleyball, hanging out with my friends, thrift shopping, hiking, camping and being outdoors. This year I look forward to spending my weekends with my family (whether it's at home or exploring a new place), updating our home that we recently bought and shooting a ton of photos.


Jessica Bateman Photography

Jessica Bateman Photography
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am an on-location lifestyle photographer based out of West Lafayette Indiana. I am experienced in photographing babies, children, maternity, couples and families. Feel free to look around and contact me if you are interested in a photo session.

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