Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3: Then and Now.

I decided to take a twist on today's theme... I hope that's okay :) And I am totally cheating because the picture below was a picture I took last week... not today. So, the theme for the joy of LOVE class today is: Then and Now. What Willette wanted us to do is take a "then" photo of someone we love and compare it with a "now" photo. This way we can compare the changes of the person we choose from then to now. Well... this is what I am doing, but with a twist...

I decided to take a photo from a year ago... when I was first getting started with photography. I want to compare the style of this photo to the style I am now incorporating into my photography. Both pictures were taken of my son, the top in January of 2010 and the bottom in January 2011.

Then (January 2010)

Now (January 2011)

Similarities: Evan still looks the same (he hasn't changed much at all), he is posed the same, both b&w, both taken by a north facing window (to get that yummy natural light).

Differences: In the top photo I told Evan how I wanted him posed, in the bottom photo he posed on his own. The top photo is staged in front of a black backdrop, The bottom photo was a more natural setting. I used a wide open aperture to blur out the background. The crop is different (though both are cropped in camera), the top crop is more traditional... allowing the viewer to see Evan's whole face and arms. The bottom is more... umm... abstract maybe? I like it, I like that you can only see part of his face... it's different. For the top photo I remember having Evan looking at my husband who got him to smile for me... probably by saying "say cheese!" In the bottom photo... I don't think I said a thing. I was just letting him do as he pleased and I like how it turned out. He looks like he is deep in thought. 

I love both photos. I probably always will. But I am really enjoying the change in my photography style. I am surprised at how much it has changed in only a year. I love that I can take the same person... and the same pose and get two very different photographs. 


Paul and Celeste February 3, 2011 at 1:57 PM  

I LOVE the insight you have given here and the twist on the assignment. :) I agree, your current, evolving style is such a natural way to capture the life you're actually living while still getting those amazing shots you can be super proud of. You're definitely one of my favorite photographers of people ever, and I know a lot of those! :)

Even though I only have a point-and-shoot camera, and ZERO skills, I'm playing along and taking this course, too. You can check out my (really terrible) photos at :) Can't wait to see where this month takes us!

Amber | Follow My Camera February 4, 2011 at 9:05 AM  

Dang...I need to get Day 3 done. I love your crop on the "now" shot! Awesome work! {just followed your blog too..}

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